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Mart 21, 2012

Companion Planting at Mevlana University

Today we spent our second day for planting our seeds; tomatoes, peppers, eggplants. Durmuş bey taught Gardening 101 to my students. The basics of seeding into crates were shown and we have recorded everything. I will be uploading tomorrow, I hope. 

As we are planning how to transplant all these veggies into our garden, I am also doing lots of research online. Yesterday I came across the term “companion planting” when reading for a blog on “organic gardening”. It is just amazing, I could not believe the friendship and mutuality between corn and pole bean,  and squash: three sisters principle of native Indians. 

I was always very curious about my grandmother’s flowers here an there in the veggy garden, now I understand that she knew the best pest management. I have never seen her using pesticides. 

Whatever, now we will plant corn and pole bean, dill and carrot,tomatoes and pepper, petunia and pumpkin together. I hope, this friendship gardening will open the doors to new companionships at Mevlana University.