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Mayıs 21, 2012

I have a dream…

one day if somebody told me that i was going to do gardening at a university in Central Anatolia, with my Turkish, Somalian and Malagasy students…I would never ever believe..

trying to save the planet, trying to grow our food, trying to eat local…getting down and getting our hands dirty together. it was a remarkable day out there, in the wilderness (:

We prepared our herbal bed and planted some flowers. The soil is so compact here, that we had to loosen it by some tilling. As it has just been carried to our garden , there are no worms or insects in it. We had better use mulching, even if we planted. For next year, permaculture will be here at Mevlana University, hopefully, with hugelkultur, mulch and compost. Görsel





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