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Mart 12, 2013

Mevlana University Rocks!


It has been a chilly and freezing winter, though it was not as snowy as last year’s winter. We really did not do much whole winter, I even did not mention to most of my students about the garden for a long time, as i felt a bit overwhelmed due to last year’s disappointments.. Never mind, if to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow, we have to start planting soon, i said to myself and rolled up my sleeves. fortunately, ambition and enthusiasm i saw is definitely more than last year, or maybe i wanted to feel that way.


Mehmet Dinç designed our poster and spent a great deal of time on it, which yielded a great job, i think.




Actually, there has not been a very organized and stylish planning, however i saw that everyone wanted to sacrifice something and we had more than we considered for the fundraising charity. thank you all, you rock!




if i am not wrong, cicero said this and how right he is! mevlana university has a library and a garden , that’s definitely all we need, and we have dedicated students, which makes it  the ultimate university.



strong DSC05624


so, the end is the beginning always, and we have now a path ahead us, we are taking small but strong steps.

small is beautiful as schumacher said.